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IBM WESB Corporate Online Training

IBM WESB Course Content:

Integration Solution Design and Service Component Architecture (SCA) Programming Model:
  •  Identify Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) core components and their function in integration solution design.
  •  Apply the Service Component Architecture (SCA) programming model to an integration solution design.
  •  Organize modules into an effective project structure taking into consideration component reuse and application maintainability.
  •  Identify the relationship of WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus with related WebSphere products and other business process management products.
Connectivity and Integration:
  •  Analyze connectivity requirements for integration solution designs.
  •  Create and maintain assembly diagrams with the Assembly Diagram Editor.
  •  Explain the role of technology and application adapters in an integration solution.
  • Configure inbound and outbound adapter bindings.
  • Configure import and export bindings (e.g., JMS, MQ, Web Services, and HTTP) and Stand-alone References.
  • Demonstrate usage of synchronous and asynchronous invocation patterns.
Component Development:
  •  Describe the Service Message Object (SMO) structure.
  •  Perform business object design using the Business Object Editor.
  •  Perform interface design using the Interface Editor.
  •  Configure dependencies for modules and libraries using the Module Dependency Editor.
  •  Perform map design using the mapping editors
  •  Perform mediation flow development with the Mediation Flow Editor.
  •  Configure dynamic mediation modules (dynamic routing and mediation policy resolution).
  •  Implement the Custom Mediation primitive within a mediation flow.
  •  Design and implement appropriate error handling within a mediation flow.
  •  Analyze and configure Quality of Service qualifiers.
  •  Migration of SCA module form WPS to WebSphere ESB.
  •  Configure components to emit events and messages (Event Emitter primitive and Message    Logger primitive).
Testing and Problem Determination:
  •  Configure the Component Test Project to create test cases.
  •  Configure and use the integrated test environment to test mediation modules and components.
  •  Use the integration test client for component testing such as data pool creation and test suite    usage.
  •  Use debugging tools to troubleshoot components.
  •  Monitor events configured during mediation module design for problem determination.
  •  Identify and use appropriate server logs for application and deployment errors.
Note: This entire training will take 30 hrs, which will include real time hands on task also.

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