SOA programming model for ESB

The programming model used for creating a service-oriented architecture involves building business possesses by  create a series of invocations that act on data. The key entities in this programming model are business objects, Service Data Objects (SDOs), Service Component Architecture (SCA), and Business Process Execution Language (BPEL).  demonstrate an overview of the programming model for the WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus.
SOA programming model for ESB

Business objects

Business data that is replace between integrated applications within an Enterprise Service Bus is symbolize by business objects. Business objects in the WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus or WebSphere Process Server world state a schema for a data object. Business objectss associated with an application are called application-specific business objects (ASBOs). ASBOs are sometimes also referred to as service specific business objects (SSBOs). Generic business objects (GBOs) are business objects that survive within IBM WebSphere InterChange Server (ICS), formerly known as IBM Crossworlds InterChange Server). An ASBO can also be attention of as a specialization of GBO for a particular application. The terms ASBOs and GBOs are more common in the ICS world, although they are equally valid somewhere else as general concepts. Every business object that is transferred between applications typically needs an associated map.
Programming model for ESB

Service Data Objects (SDOs)

Business objects are based on Service Data Objects. SDOs provide an concept that can be used over various types of data, providing a common mechanism for accessing data. The fundamental concept in the SDO architecture is the data object. In fact, the term SDO is often used interchangeably with the term data object. A data object is a data structure that holds primordial data, multi-valued fields (other data objects), or both. The data object also has orientation to metadata that provide information about the data found in the data object. In the SDO programming model, data objects are represented by the common j.sdo.DataObject Java interface definition. This interface includes method definitions that allow clients to obtain and set the properties connected with DataObject.

Another important notion in the SDO architecture is the data graph. A data graph is a structure that encapsulates a set of data objects. From the top level data object in the graph, all other data objects can be reached by traversing the references from the root data object. In the SDO programming model, data graphs are represented by the common j.sdo.DataGraph Java interface definition.

Service Component Architecture (SCA)

SCA is defined as a programming model for implementing the SOA architecture. SCA provides a standardized way to define and invoke services.

SCA separates application business logic and the implementation details. It helps an organization build a SOA by organizing code that implements business logic into entities called components. Components offer their capabilities through a service-oriented interface and make use of existing capabilities by appeal to other components through their service-oriented interfaces, called references.

It provides a model that defines interfaces, implementations, and references in a technology-neutral way, letting you then bind these elements to any technology-specific implementation. SCA provides an abstraction that covers stateless session EJBs, Web services, Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs), WS-BPEL processes, database access, enterprise information system (EIS) access, and other component types.

Business Process Execution Language (BPEL)

Composition is done using Business Process Execution Language, which is used to define the overall business process. When the business process right to use data, it does so by making calls to SCA services passing business objects.
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